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  2. Nikon AF-Nikkor 14mm F2.8 D Lens - Objetivo con montura para Nikon (distancia focal fija 14mm, apertura f/2.8)

Nikon AF-Nikkor 14mm F2.8 D Lens - Objetivo con montura para Nikon (distancia focal fija 14mm, apertura f/2.8)

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  • The Nikon AF Nikkor 14mm f/2.8D ED Autofocus Lens is a high-performance, ultra-wide-angle lens is ideal for interiors, dramatic cityscapes or compelling photojournalistic images even in low light. With its 114-degree picture angle and f/2.8 fast aperture, this lens offers a dramatic angle of view in demanding situations. Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass and two aspheric lens elements ensure superior image quality and compact design.
  • Hybrid aspherical lens elements and ED glass elements for high-resolution and high-contrast images.
  • RF (rear focus) system for superior optical performance.
  • Rectilinear design provides straight-line subject rendition.
  • Built-in flower type lens hood.

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Ultra grand-angulaire aux performances exceptionnelles pour le photojournalisme.

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